Innovation Coast is an alliance of technology and knowledge based companies in Northwest Florida. Its mission is to grow, sustain, and showcase the region's successful, vibrant ecosystem of technology and knowledge-based companies, capital investors, and professionals.


Innovation Coast provides the opportunity to converse and collaborate with other industry members about the issues and challenges facing individual organizations and the technology and knowledge based industry sectors as a whole.


Innovation Coast is a link to technology and knowledge-based careers in Northwest Florida, recruiting talent for member companies and organizations and working to attract the critically needed workforce for the sector.


Innovation Coast offers the opportunity to collaborative with educators to shape the programs that will train tomorrow's technology and knowledge based workforce.


Northwest Florida enjoys the friendly business environment and ample resources necessary for its establishment and growth as a hub of innovation and advancement in the technology and knowledge based industry sectors.


Exhibit at DIG South
Tuesday, April 28, 2015
Innovation Coast will be exhibiting at the DIG Conference April 28, 2015 in Charleston, South Carolina. This will be an opportunity to market Northwest Florida as a hub of innovation and advancement in the technology and knowledge-based sectors to those outside the region. Read More »

Demo Day with CIE
Friday, May 22, 2015
Join the CIE and a handful of local early-stage companies as they share what they have, what they know, and why others should care about them. Read More »


Avalex innovating in key security field: Avalex Technologies, located in Gulf Breeze, FL, is a key player in the creation of products for the surveillance sector. Go To Link »

Aero Sekur Moving To Pensacola: The Italian firm, Aero Sekur which specializes in advanced survival equipment and systems for mission critical Aerospace & Defence applications is moving U.S. operations to Pensacola. Go To Link »

AppRiver Announces Highest Ever Year-over-Year Channel Growth: AppRiver, LLC announces a 30-percent increase in channel revenue, marking its largest year-over-year increase. Read More »

IMS ExpertServices Welcomes New Team Members: IMS ExpertServices, based in Pensacola, Florida, has hired eight new employees. Shawn Bernard, Julie Goldberg, Sam Wein, Jessica Patrick, Meghan Sorrell, Erica Evans, and Cassie Powell joined the IMS ExpertServices team. Read More »

Dr. Donovan Chau Dr. Donovan Chau selected to lead Innovation Coast: Innovation Coast, an alliance of technology and knowledge-based companies based in Pensacola, Florida, has named Dr. Donovan Chau its new executive director. Read More »

STEM internship program for K-12 teachers: Florida Governor Rick Scott visited Pensacola, Florida, to promote a proposal that would allocate $1 million to establish a program for K-12 teachers to enroll in paid summer internships in STEM fields. Go To Link »