About Innovation Coast

The mission of Innovation Coast is to grow, sustain and showcase the successful, vibrant community of technology companies and professionals in Pensacola, Florida, and along the Northern Gulf Coast. Innovation Coast is a business community serving entrepreneurial garage start-ups, established leaders, and everyone in between.

The Northern Gulf Coast has a vibrant community of technology and knowledge-based organizations. These companies and organizations serve a global clientele and bring considerable wealth back home to support the local economy. Technology and knowledge industry workers have excellent careers that pay above average wages, while the sector tends to have low impact on infrastructure and the environment. Locally, the technology industry is prospering, but the right environment can accelerate development.

Innovation Coast works to address the specific challenges facing area technology organizations.

Building a strong community of technology organizations and people allows knowledge, skills, and resources to be more easily shared. The network will grow into a powerful mechanism to augment individual knowledge, enabling companies, whether start-ups, high-growth, or established, to realize more opportunities, attract investment, and expand.

In addition, a vibrant and visible technology cluster makes the region a more desirable location for investment and expansion. Innovation Coast also works to foster a healthy entrepreneurial environment through mentoring, networking, partnering, and assisting with access to venture capital.


  • Develop the area’s technology community into a cohesive network that supports member’s goals and shares ideas, knowledge, and resources to help business expand and be successful.
  • Attract potential technology and knowledge sector companies, entrepreneurs, and investment to the area.
  • Actively recruit talent for member companies and attract the critically needed workforce for the technology and knowledge sector.
  • Inventory member skill requirements; match and facilitate the development of local talent.  
  • Encourage and provide support programs for technology sector start-ups and entrepreneurs with mentoring, venture capital, guidance, and partnering opportunities.