Innovation Awards

The first Innovation Awards were a resounding success, drawing a wide range of entries from across the country and several finalists from the Pensacola area.

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The Innovation Awards are a business plan competition and capital acceleration opportunity. In 2014, the top 20 companies were selected by a panel of experts to showcase their products and services before an attending audience of entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and potential investors or strategic partners. The winner of the inaugural competition was IRIS: Intelligent Retinal Imaging Systems, which was awarded a $100,000 cash prize at the competition. Accountingfly placed second, winning a cash prize of $50,000, and Robotics Unlimited placed third, winning a $5,000 business services package.


Additionally, Paracosm, Robotics Unlimited, and Cognitive Big Data Systems were selected to receive “Microsoft Bizspark Plus” subscriptions, a total $60,000 value in Microsoft software and Azure services.

The Innovation Awards are presented by Innovation Coast, Space Florida, and the Florida SBDC Network. The presentations and finalists exhibition were held Nov. 6 and 7 at the Pensacola Beach Hilton Gulf Front, Pensacola Beach, Florida.

All participating companies are start-ups or ongoing concerns that have demonstrated leverage opportunities as well as pathways to robust local job creation. Company business sectors included information technology, knowledge-based services, robotics, health technology, and aerospace.

The top 20 companies were selected by a panel of experts to showcase their products and services before an attending audience of entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and potential investors or strategic partners. The top 10 companies presented before a live panel of judges, competing for investment dollars and more than $215,000 in awards and prizes, making the Innovation Awards the largest business plan competition in Florida. Two previous Space Florida-sponsored competitions led to over $40 million in total capital investment for participating companies.

Now we look forward to a bigger and even better 2015 Innovation Awards competition!


2014 Innovation Awards Presenting Finalists

General Capacitor International, Inc.

High energy density Lithium-ion Supercapacitors, rapid charging and high power energy storage device, that greatly increases efficiency of electrical systems.


REACH3D Medical brings the utility and effectiveness of stereoscopic 3D to healthcare through its multiple medical device offerings, including its flagship SoloSight 3D HD Endoscopy Platform (featuring The World’s Smallest Diameter 3D Endoscope), as well as its highly sought after Development Services for surgical robot Visualization Systems. REACH3D Medical’s offerings provide greater surgical precision, while making procedures faster, safer, and less costly, all without causing surgeons to change the way they operate.

Intelligent Retinal Imaging Systems, LLC

Intelligent Retinal Imaging Systems (IRIS) screens for damage to the retina caused by diabetes. With IRIS, primary care providers can offer a retinal exam to any patient, in their own office. If pathology is detected, patients can be referred to a specialist for preventive or corrective action that can prevent or mitigate severe vision loss or blindness.

Paracosm, Inc.

Fast, Clear and Powerful 3D-Capture lets you scan your environment, process data, and share your world. All in one place.


Accountingfly is the accounting profession’s recruitment platform. Firms of all sizes, corporations, and organizations of all types use Accountingfly to recruit for internships, entry-level and experienced positions. They also use Accountingfly’s award-winning software to organize the recruiting process and make faster hiring decisions. is a free replacement for email, text, and all other electronic messages between co-parents. We keep a perfect record of exactly what each parent says, when they say it, when they share a file, and even when they view a new message and do not respond. We also provide an attorney directory to help parents find lawyers near them who support our service.

Robotics Unlimited

Robotics Unlimited brings disruptive robotics technology to the consumer market. They also have created one of the fastest robots known to man, currently running at speeds of 45 mph. Check out their YouTube video.


A home online for Veterans, VetCV provides a secure place where our heroes can safely store valuable documents and precious memories. It is a place to come home to that puts veterans in control of their future and provides the ability to update and access vital records from anywhere.

Historical Research Associates

HRA, in partnership with the University of West Florida, has created one of the most innovative and comprehensive heritage tourism apps on the market—Next Exit History™. This mobile app is optimized for iOS7 and Android devices and can be downloaded for free from the iTunes App Store or Google Play.

E-Marketplaces, LLC

Founded by Lee Hinman, an experienced innovator, E-Marketplaces, LLC features a patented e-business solution for the product industry. For more information on his patented technology, connect with him on LinkedIn and send him a message. He's excited to share his work with like-minded individuals.

2014 Innovation Awards Exhibiting Finalists

Culenda, LLC

Culenda is a startup based in Pensacola, FL specializing in a software solution for restaurants and powered by an Imagination Engine’s Creativity Machine that optimizes restaurant operations for profit. Culenda integrates the supply chain, back office, marketing campaign, point of sale, Beacon, and customer experience data to deliver an intelligent menu that automatically adjusts item pricing and organizes to each customer’s taste.

Foodoozle's vision is to build an expansive delivery network that has entrepreneurs excited for the opportunity to join our company. Our mission is to convert “takeout” restaurants into DELIVERY restaurants via out proprietary technology which enables a highly automated delivery network.

Cognitive Big Data Systems, LLC

Cognitive Big Date Systems is a startup based in Pensacola, FL specializing in developing Cognitive Computing Modules (CCM) which are powered by an Imagination Engine Creativity Machine and are tailorable for industry-specific solutions. The CCMs are capable of processing streaming sensor data (TCP/IP, video, medical, radar, sonar, etc…) or static data on a disk drive.

VX Audio, Inc., A Florida Corporation (Subsidiary of Verax, Inc.)

The Verax business model is poised to revolutionize the music industry and its way of doing business. By creating a new wave of consumer demand for music content, the Verax patent portfolio enables an array of new products, technologies, and content distribution models capable of driving demand for music content to its highest levels ever.

Cosmos Pioneering

Cosmos Pioneering makes nano-sized spacecraft simulators and curricula for educational and entertainment. Our Cosmoneer sidekick fills the void where students, gamers, and gadget lovers want an affordable interactive spacecraft simulator.

Gabry, Inc.

Gabry, Inc would like to welcome you to TALKiT, the world’s newest and most innovative social media network. Remember, “don’t text it, TALKiT!”

Staffing Ovation

Ovation is a specialized enterprise staffing-focused software platform that enhances every aspect of staffing operations. It increases bottom line performance, improves efficiency, and provides insight like never before. It makes recruiting more fun while increasing your staffing firm's performance 200% to 300%. The more your staffing firm uses Ovation, the smarter the system becomes. With a high level of accuracy, Ovation can predict the quality of clients and their job orders as well as the likelihood that a recruiter will place a candidate. The staffing industry will never be the same. 

ToEmploy, LLC

New concept for employment technology empowering the employer and job seeker while eliminating the search. Right now the website is under construction, so make sure to use our hyperlink and connect with the creator of ToEmploy on their LinkedIn profile., LLC

Connect with the groups in your life in a simple and intuitive way.


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